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Football Scorecast

Our Guide to Football Scorecast Betting

Scorecasts are a popular form of football betting. They are very simple and easy to understand and offer very good odds. All online sports betting sites will have a scorecast option for you to use. They have also become popular with tablet and mobile phone sports betting sites due the ease in which you can place a bet while on the move.

What is a scorecast bet?

A scorecast is when you predict the first goal scorer and the correct score of a football match. An example of a scorecast would be something like this. Manchester United at home to Aston Villa. You bet Wayne Rooney to score 1st and the final result to be 2-0. The odds offered are 20-1. This means if Wayne Rooney scores first and Manchester United win 2-0 you win the bet. A £5 stake would return £100. However, if there is any other scorer or result then you will lose. It is for this reason that the odds are often so good with a scorecast, as they are very difficult to predict and get correct.

Some Football Scorecast Rules

There some areas to clear up and erase confusion about scorecast rules. If the player you’ve selected to score first does not play, or comes on as a sub after the first goal is scored then the bet is purely based on the correct score of the game. The odds will be altered accordingly in this instance.

With most mobile sports betting sites if there is an own goal in the game then this will not count towards the first goal scorer. The bet will continue until there is a goal scorer. However, if the result is 1-0 as a result of an own goal then the bet will change to correct score only.