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Sports Betting Accumulators

Our Guide to Sports Betting Accumulators

Accumulators or ‘accas’ are very popular in the world of online sports betting. An accumulator can be placed on a number of sports but is especially popular with football and horse racing. A sports betting accumulator will give very good odds meaning your initial stake does not have to be huge to gain a good return. All of the sports betting sites we’ve featured will allow you to place accumulator sports bet, all of which will work on a tablet or mobile phone.

What is an accumulator sports bet?

An accumulator bet is when you place a bet on four or more combinations. The outcome for all of these combinations needs to be correct otherwise you will lose the whole of your stake. The more combinations you have in your accumulator the longer the odds will be. This is what makes accumulators popular with those who like to gamble on football matches or horse racing.

When it comes to horse racing accumulators and there is a non-runner within your selection, this will be removed from your accumulator. So if you had picked a five-fold accumulator it will automatically become a four-fold accumulator and your odds will be changed accordingly.

A number of online sports betting sites offer fixed bonuses with their accumulators. This means that if your accumulator bet comes in, you will be given a fixed additional bonus. A very good betting site for this is Bet365. They offer fixed accumulator bonuses for their European football accumulators. The bonus amount increases with the more teams you have on your accumulator.

A Typical Accumulator

Selection Match Result
Arsenal to Win Arsenal vs Tottenham Arsenal Win
Millwall to Win Millwall vs Brighton Millwall Win
Watford to Win Derby vs Watford Watford Win
Colchester to Win Colchester vs Walsall Colchester Win
Southend to Win Southend vs Fleetwood Southend Lose

In the example this accumulator has lost. This is because Southend have lost and all the results need to be correct for you to win. As you can see, this is a five-fold accumulator, meaning the odds will be quite good. Although we have used a football accumulator for this example, it can be applied to any form of sports accumulators. There are many ways to try and do football or horse racing accumulators. Some say to go with home bankers, favourites, just away teams at the end of the day any option is available to you. There is no specific formula. Accumulators do not often all come in which is why the odds are always high.