EURO 2024

Euro Betting Odds 2024: Best Deals & Enhanced Odds

Looking to place a bet Euro 2024? We’ve got you covered. In this guide we list the top deals, including enhanced odds and accumulator bonuses, to get more bang for your buck. Read on for tips and tricks to improve your betting.

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Key Takeaways

  • Enhanced odds and accumulator bonuses can add loads to your Euro 2024 winnings, but be quick, as these offers are short-lived.
  • Knowing your bets—outright winner, match betting and player-specific bets—is key to navigating the Euro 2024 betting landscape.
  • Key teams like England, France and Germany have fluctuating odds due to player performance and injuries so constant research and odd comparison is essential for value betting.

Enhanced Odds

Imagine getting more for your money with one clever bet – that’s the magic of enhanced odds. These special offers are like a secret weapon for punters, where you can bet on a team or outcome at bigger odds than your average Bookie. Picture this: you’re looking at a match where England with their young lions are going to smash it and then you see an enhanced odds offer that will multiply your winnings if you get it right. Tempting, isn’t it? With home advantage on their side, England’s chances of winning are even higher.

But remember punters these offers don’t hang around for dawdlers. They’re here one minute and gone faster than an underdog scoring an upset. So keep an eye on bookmaker websites, subscribe to those newsletters that know more than your mate Dave and follow the social media channels that are buzzing with betting chat. And when you see that offer pounce on it like a striker on a loose ball in the box – it might just lead to a victory dance at full-time.

Accumulator Bonuses

Now let’s talk about the accumulator where the stakes get higher as you add more bets to your slip like a chef adds layers to a lasagna. Special accumulator bonuses are the cherry on top, they add more value to your winnings as you add more selections to your bet. Think of it as a reward for being bold – the more you bundle together the more the bonus grows, just like the anticipation when matchday arrives.

To get these bonuses you’ll need to meet the minimum odds and selection criteria but if you do you’ll be looking at a bigger payout than grandma’s Sunday roast.

How to Bet Euro 2024

Getting into the Euro 2024 betting arena can be as scary as facing the defending champs in the first match but don’t worry! The key is to find a good bookie, know your bets and then place your bets with research and a pinch of gut instinct.

First you’ll want to sign up to a licensed bookie quicker than a winger sprints down the touchline and deposit some funds to get the ball rolling. Then it’s all about understanding the playing field – from outright winner bets to match betting markets and those player specific bets that can turn an unknown striker into a household name.

Outright Winner Bets

Outright winner bets are where you become an oracle and predict who will lift that trophy at the end of the tournament. It’s the bet where you back a team, say England with their mix of experience and young lions, to go all the way – from the opening match drama to the semi finals. These bets are usually placed before the tournament starts when the odds are as fresh as a new pair of boots.

But if you have a hunch mid tournament some bookies will let you in on the action, potentially with odds that have moved like the tide of a tight match.

Match Betting Markets

Next up we have the match betting markets where each game is a new battle and the bets are as different as the fans in the stands. The win-draw-win market is the classic, you can pick a winner or a draw. Then there’s the over/under goals bet where you predict if the match will be a goal bonanza or a tactical match with minimal scoring.

And let’s not forget the both teams to score bet – a bet where every push into the opposing half is a heart in the mouth moment.

Player Specific Bets

We dive deeper into the betting pool and swim into the player specific bets where you can back a player to shine brighter than the stadium lights. Will Harry Kane win the top scorer or will a new hero emerge to steal the show?. Or maybe you fancy a bet on the Player of the Tournament, who will be the star that dazzles the crowds and the judges with their superhuman skills. And for those that like the nitty gritty of individual matches you can bet on your chosen gladiator to score, assist or even get booked.

Euro 2024 Betting Odds

As the tournament progresses the Euro 2024 betting odds will move like a boxer in the ring, influenced by the drama of each match and the whispers of the rumor mill. Those in the know keep an eye on the odds like a hawk looking for value bets like a treasure hunter. Remember, studying the odds from multiple bookies is as important as a coach’s half time talk when it comes to finding the big score.


Let’s look at England where hope springs eternal. The Three Lions, with their young guns like Jude Bellingham and the experienced Harry Kane are always among the favourites at major tournaments. Despite a history of near misses they’ve started well with a win over Serbia so they’re ready to pounce.

The bookies have taken notice and England’s odds reflect their ability to go from heartbreaking penalty shootouts to victory parades.


Now let’s cross the channel to France where Les Bleus march to the beat of their own drum, led by the magnificent Kylian Mbappe. France is football royalty and their odds usually sit on the throne of the betting kingdom. But alas Mbappe’s recent injury has thrown a spanner in the works and fans and bookies are wondering how it will impact their tournament. Yet they’re still the favourite, a testament to the depth and quality of their squad.


We head into the heart of Europe to Germany, a team built for efficiency and depth with maestros like Leroy Sane at the helm of their attacks. But recent form has been a rollercoaster and their odds reflect that, they swing like the moods of their passionate fans. But with Julian Nagelsmann in charge they can never be ruled out and their odds are as interesting as they are when they play as hosts Germany.

Euro 2024 Betting Tips

Betting on Euro 2024 is not just about who’s got the best boots or the most flashiest ads. It’s a game of patience, discipline and a bit of good old fashioned luck. To win big in this tournament you need to play the long game, diversify your bets like an investor and stick to your budget like it’s the last piece of chocolate on earth.

And remember, comparing odds across bookies is like shopping for the best deal – it can lead to a treasure trove of value bets.

Research Teams and Players

Before you bet do your homework. Research teams and players to find gems in the midfield. Nicolo Barella shone brighter than a polished trophy in Italy’s first game and Spain’s masterclass against Croatia showed what they’re capable of.

And every team has a bogey team so check those head to head records before you bet blindly.


In-play betting is like having a superpower, you can bet in real-time as the game unfolds with odds changing as quickly as a striker’s fortunes in front of goal. You can capitalise on:

  • a manager making a tactical change that turns the game on its head
  • a key player getting injured or sent off
  • a team scoring and gaining momentum
  • a team conceding and losing confidence

With in-play betting you can stay involved and make informed decisions based on the current state of the game.

Keep an eye on those live odds, they can offer better value than a pre-match bet if you can read the game.

Bankroll Management

Now let’s talk about the boring but essential part of betting – bankroll management. Here’s what to do:

  • Set a budget and stick to it like a world class defender.
  • Don’t chase losses like they’re the last bus home.
  • Remember betting is a marathon not a sprint.

Use stop-loss limits as your safety net and adjust your bets based on your confidence level.

Euro 2024 Betting Markets

The Euro 2024 markets are as diverse as the tactics on the pitch, there’s something for everyone. From the high scoring teams to those who can’t score for toffee there’s a market for every prediction.

Want to bet on a team’s group stage dominance or the number of penalty shootouts? You’re in luck because these markets are ripe for the plucking.

Group Betting

The group stage is where it all begins and the markets are as plentiful as the goals we hope to see. Bet on the group winners, the teams that will weather the storm to the knockout stage or the top scorers in each group.

Whether you’re backing the underdogs to upset the applecart or the favourites to stroll through, group betting is where the action starts.

Knockout Stage Betting

As the tournament reaches its climax and the final hurdle appears, the knockout stage markets come alive. This is where you can bet on the detail – the correct scores, total goals and the drama of penalty shootouts that will decide a team’s fate.

Study the teams’ journey, their form and their character to gain an edge when making these big bets.

Individual Awards

And then there’s the glamour of the individual awards – bets on the players who will sparkle and make their mark in the history books. Will it be:

  • the Golden Boot winner
  • the Best Young Player
  • the tournament’s best goalkeeper

Or maybe someone else will catch your eye.

Euro 2024 Contenders

The UEFA Euro 2024 arena is full of gladiators, each nation wants to win but a few are the giants of the tournament. Spain with their tiki-taka, Italy’s solidity and Portugal’s mix of experience and flair are all heavyweights who can go all the way just like they have in previous World Cups.

Let’s break down what makes these teams the ones to watch and how their key players will impact the battle for European dominance.


Spain’s team is silk and steel:

  • a midfield that can weave a passage of play that will hypnotise their opponents
  • forwards like Alvaro Morata who bring the cutting edge
  • the emergence of young stars like Lamine Yamal who add an unknown quantity to their game.

They showed their hand against Croatia and the odds reflect they can waltz to the final.


Italy, the Azzurri, are a team that are the very embodiment of the phoenix, rising from the ashes of inconsistency to win their first match with a comeback that would inspire any underdog. With new management under Luciano Spalletti they’ve shown they can recover from even the quickest of setbacks, like conceding the fastest goal in Euros history and still win.


Portugal under new manager Roberto Martinez have been as hot as the Iberian summers. Cristiano Ronaldo the living legend is still working his magic with a galaxy of stars like Bruno Fernandes and Bernardo Silva. It’s Roberto Martinez’s tactics and ability to get the best out of his players that’s behind their success.

They won their late match against Czechia to show they never say die and can overcome anything in their way to glory.


In the Euro 2024 betting arena the drama unfolds with every match, every goal and every bet. From enhanced odds to in-tournament betting we’ve covered it all. Whether you’re backing the heavyweights or the underdogs remember success comes from research, a clear head and a bit of bravery. Now go out there and bet like a champion but gamble responsibly!


How do I find the best enhanced odds for Euro 2024?

Check bookmaker websites, sign up to their newsletters and follow betting related social media to find the best enhanced odds for Euro 2024. Don’t miss out on these time limited offers!

What should I consider before I back an outright winner?

Consider the team’s form, history and injuries before backing an outright winner. Bet before the tournament starts and get those higher odds. Good luck!

Can I bet during the matches and if so what should I look out for?

Yes you can bet during the matches. Keep an eye on the game and be ready to make quick decisions as the odds change. This type of betting allows you to play the game and often offers better value than pre-match bets if you can read the game.

Why should I manage my bankroll for Euro 2024?

You should manage your bankroll when betting on Euro 2024 to gamble responsibly. Set a budget, don’t chase losses and adjust your bet sizes based on your confidence in your tips and you’ll keep your bankroll healthy and avoid overspending. Be smart and bet responsibly!

Are there player performance markets for Euro 2024?

Yes! You can find player specific markets for Euro 2024 to bet on individual performances like top scorer, player of the tournament and specific match actions like scoring, assisting or getting a card. Happy betting!