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The idea behind these sports betting reviews was a pretty simple one. We like having a bet and we usually do this on our trusty kindle fire while watching the TV. Generally while the football is on we’ll have a dabble with the live in the play markets. Other times it may be to have a flutter on the horses. This is what gave us the idea to put these sports betting reviews on to a website. We spent a bit of time at different websites and would often go with recommendations from our mates. But we thought there must be others out there who are looking to find a decent set of bookmaker reviews. You, like us, wanted to know what a website was like before making a deposit of our hard earned cash. This is why we’ve decided to put this site together.

We’ll be honest, all too often we let the missus watch her soaps for an easy life. But now that the majority of us have tablet or mobile devices, it makes it easy to have a cheeky little bet. While she is watching tripe on TV, we’re now having a bet on some in-play markets. But before we signed up we trawled the internet to try and find some decent reviews. We looked for sports betting reviews which focused on portable devices like tablets or mobiles. But in truth we struggled to find any and those that we did find we didn’t really rate. This why we thought ‘what the hell’ let’s do it ourselves!

Each of our sports betting reviews has been written after spending time making bets. We actually spent a bit of time on each bookmaking site and checking out other bookmaker reviews to see how they compared. Our sports betting reviews have been written as more of a walk though guide. We’ve aimed not to give each review a set rating. We’ve tried to give each gambling site an honest assessment. We aim to tell you how easy the website is to use, what the range of markets is like, how we found the odds as well as going into a bit of detail over the football and horse racing reviews.

The tablet market is booming and it’s really easy to now sit at home and fire up your kindle, iPad or mobile and have a little bit of a bet. As all the major bookmakers are now online and each offering something a little different, we’ve tried to help out by providing helpful sports betting reviews and general bookmaker reviews. So it doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for football betting reviews or horse racing reviews, we’ve tried to cover it all in one easy place. We’ve tried to do the hard work so you don’t have to. If you own a tablet like an iPad and you’re thinking of joining up with an online bookmaker then be sure to read one of our reviews before you do.