Goal Scorer Betting Guide

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Goal scorer betting is probably one of the most accessible forms of football betting. It is simply a case of picking a name from the list of players available who you think will score. Naturally, an in-form striker will have much lower odds than a defender who is only likely to go forward for a corner, and even then, the chances of them scoring are pretty remote. There are three types of goal scorer betting, but essentially, two are the same.

First and Last Goal Scorer

This is very simple and offers the best odds. By placing a first or last goal scorer bet, you are simply choosing a footballer you think is more likely to score first or last. First and last goal scorers have the same odds; it is just a question of which way round that player will score the goal. It is worth pointing out that you can put an each-way bet on the first goal scorer. The each-way bet usually gives unlimited places, so it could be worth exploring if you fancy a long-odds goal scorer to find the back of the net.

Anytime Goal Scorer Betting

This bet is also very straightforward. Here, you choose which player you think will likely score at any point in the game. Because there is more chance of this happening than selecting a first or last goal scorer, the odds for any goal scorer betting are significantly reduced. As a general rule of thumb, the odds are usually halved, but this may not always be true. Honestly, it is probably only worth using this form of bet on a player with long odds, like a midfield player.